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About Advance Mechanical Services:

Advance Mechanical Services is an Organization established in Bangalore to cater to the increasing needs of the 3D printing, IOT and Automation industry. We have setup a Design and Manufacturing factory at Bangalore with the infrastructure to deliver quality products to various customers globally. The Organization has competent Engineers with good background in the field of design and Manufacturing, procured state of the art software and hardware backed up by efficient communication facilities to Manufacture 3D printing machines & accessories and other specific requirements of the 3D printing needs in the industry. The Organization has established marketing arrangements in the country and abroad. ADVANCE MECHANICAL SERVICES-India has collaborated with Hyrel 3D Inc of USA to manufacture the entire range of products made by Hyrel3D. The vision of the company is to become a World-class Center of Excellence in Engineering and Manufacturing 3D Printing machines and also cater to the increasing needs of 3D printing services in the Industry.


WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT Where other 3D printing companies hope to dazzle with form, we always put function first. Our competitors make specialized machines to print materials. One machine can print plastics, another can print high-temperature resins, a third can print composites – and on, and on. Each new task might require the purchase of another new machine. That will never happen with our Machine. Instead of spending on a new printer, you might spend a fraction of that on a new printer head. That’s the beauty of the Systems modular, plug-and-play design: You can always rely on it to do what you need.

We believe innovation is a team effort. Our customers use our products with the confidence that we will always be here and available to help them. Whether it’s a technical issue or a tricky print job, we work with you to find a fix. The domains for which we can supply 3D printing machines are










For further inquiries please Contact: Email: sales@ams-india.co.in | Phone: +91 80 28377270 | Address: 108 E, First Floor, SRS Road, III Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore 560058


About Hyrel3D:

We are a small international company, with fewer than 100 full-time people in four countries. Our US location is in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, where we do the majority of our engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, testing, fulfillment, sales, and customer support.

Karl Gifford, the owner and CTO, has over 35 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, manufacturing multi-axis precision equipment. While designing new equipment in 2011, he was sourcing prototype services and decided to purchase a 3D printer. He purchased what was at that time a high-end kit, and had a horrible experience - sloppy manufacturing, failed electronics boards, wrong firmware, and terrible customer support.

Karl's team saw this as an opportunity to create robust, reliable, reasonably priced 3D positioning systems that could not only dispense hot plastics, but had a modular interface for other types of heads. Our 2012 Kickstarter was 150% funded and every subscriber had their order fulfilled (or, in a few cases, their investment refunded because it took longer than expected to ship the first units). Many of those original customers are still using our equipment today.

Our printers now include heads for ceramics, emulsions, biologicals, exotic filaments like PEEK (at up to 450C), CO2 and diode lasers, spindle tools, electrospinning, pick-and-place, and in-situ metrology, as well as 4th and 5th axes, heated chambers, beds up to 200C, and even Matlab integration. The majority of them are at university and government laboratories in the US, and we have units in over 35 countries.

We design our own circuit boards, write our own firmware and software, and design our own hardware from the ground up so that we can offer custom equipment to meet individual needs.