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Lasers: Exciting!

Also, dangerous.

Only safety-conscious adults with proper safeguards should operate lasers of any kind.

CO2 Lasers


Hyrel offers a 40w CO2 laser on some of our Hydra models.

We recommend at least 500 cfm (850 m3/h) of exhaust while lasering.

Hyrel Specific


Your acutal laser controller, on the Aux Heads tab, should be set to "Laser_40".
Your safety/mirror/lens controller, on the Heads 1-5 tab, should be set to "CO2_Laser" or the newer "CO2_Lens".

Z-zero should be set 8 mm from the bottom of the focusing lens hardware for the CO2 laser.


Laser Alignment

Hyrel CO2 Laser Alignment Video.

Below are great videos about laser alignment in very similar setups:

  1. RDWorks
  2. ThunderLaser
  3. BossLaser
  4. MakeTech

Informational Videos

Below are links to some VERY helpful videos from a gentleman named Russ, who purchased a laser engraver very similar to ours. In these videos, he shares his experiences, advice, and safety tips. While some of what Russ explains does not apply to using lasers on Hyrel equipment, much of it does. Please watch all these videos, even if you don't feel you need the information. Safety first!

  1. Introduction to Laser Cutting
  2. Laser Theory and Safety Issues
  3. Software (n/a for Hyrel users)
  4. Initial Setup and Powerup
  5. Test Prints
  6. Focal Distance and Power Analysis
  7. Modifications and Recommendations from a Year of Use

Diode Lasers


While less powerful than CO2 lasers, diode lasers are still dangerous, and the same safety precautions apply.

Diode Laser Properties
Property LA5-808 LA6-450
Watts ~5 ~6
Wavelength 808 450
Columnated FAC No
Focused Yes Yes
Dot Size 200-800 µm 200-500 µm
Pulsable to 2 kHz to 2 kHz

Z-zero should be set 18 mm from the bottom of the focusing lens hardware for the Diode lasers.

Hyrel offers diode lasers in several configurations:

More videos about the diode lasers:

Manuals are available on the Manuals page, or in Repetrel under HELP > Accessory Manuals