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Why is there mandatory training?

Here at Hyrel, we believe that no training equals a bad printing experience. We are NOT in business to work hard and then have our customers have a bad experience. We include up to five hours of online training (via Skype and AnyDesk) to ensure that you can get reasonable, reliable results out of your printer. All of our models are compatible with this training.

It is our policy to only sell a printer after we have talked to the customer about their application; the reason for this is that 3D printing is still quite new to the world, and many people have inaccurate ideas of what a printer can do and what it takes to make a good part. We have no interest in selling a printer to a person, only to have them find out it will not work for them. Our mission is to create and sell print systems to people that will use them and find great satisfaction in being our customers.

We have had great experiences with those who have taken this training, as it gives them each a better idea of the printer and its capabilities. Likewise, we have had some bad experiences with a couple of customers who refused the training, and then were unhappy with the product. We believe that our printer is perfect for many customers, but not all customers. Until you have some idea of how it operates, you have no actual first-hand information to make a good decision. And we want our printers to go to people who will use them to do things other printers cannot do.

We have two training sessions that we do one-on-one, and during that session we use AnyDesk and Skype, and we allow you to go through the entire design to print process; you actually control the printer from your computer during this session (via AnyDesk) and see the results (via Skype).

If you have a strong interest, then please contact us to set up a session.

How do you do the training?

1. You need to have downloaded and installed regular Skype ( ) - not the "for business" version - and registered a free account. You don’t need a camera, but you do need a microphone. Direct link:

2. You need to have downloaded and installed AnyDesk ( ), the free client for non-commercial use. Direct link:

3. You need to be online with Skype and AnyDesk running, and be logged in to your Skype account.

This works best for you if you have two displays (or two computers), with the AnyDesk window on one and the Skype window on the other, although it does work with one screen (just not as well). To start, you can Skype me (hy.rel, johns creek) or give me your account ID and I’ll Skype you. Then I’ll give you my AnyDesk ID and password, and you will control my computer.

This is a point-to-point lesson; you can have more than one person, but your team should be in the same room together - or some will not be able to see or use AnyDesk.

When can you do the training?

We actually require training BEFORE you order a printer. This way you will be making an informed decision, having already experienced our process.

I am generally available Monday through Friday, 8 am through 4 pm US Eastern time. This is UTC-5 from early March to early November, but UTC-4 from early November to early March.

Some other times are possible, please let me know what you need.

How long does the training take?

Usually about an hour; it can run longer if you have a lot of questions, and it can go faster if you preview the training by watching the videos below.

Recorded Training

The training sessions are also recorded; see