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Accessories other than print heads are available, some of which take a tool position.


See our page for Lasers.

Spindle Tools

The ST1 is intended for light drilling and routing operations (especially circuit board work), and provides between 500 and 5,000 RMP (depending on load) to a 1/8" chuck. 12VDC, 4A, 40W.

The ST3 is intended for light drilling and machining operations (even on brass), and provides between 2,000 and 12,000 RMP (depending on load) to a 1/48" chuck. 48VDC, 8.3A, 400W.

Our Repetrel software can process Gerber and DRL files for the Spindle Tool and/or the Lasers.

Other Accessories

The following accessories each take up a tool position while performing more ancillary functions:

  • The Mic200 (200x Microscope) provides magnification and capture of images and video.
  • The Quiet Storm fan provides additional cooling.
  • The Tramming Tool, provided with every printer, is used to level the build surface.
  • The Precision Tool Setter! See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW7h9z5DW5A

The following accessories are not loaded into tool positions on the yoke:

  • The HTC - Enclosure Heater with Temperature Control is avialable in 120 and 240 VAC versions. Spec Sheet
  • The Feed Chamber Cooling Fan mounts on Hot Flow heads to provide additional cooling to the feed chamber. This is desirable with low temperature filaments like PLA.
  • The Printer Support Kit is included with every printer, and includes a build plate, blue tape, and a variety of handy tools like tweezers, razors, and a spatula.
  • The SDK - Software Developer's Kit provides hardware, software, and the source code for developing your own firmware for your own compatible heads.
  • The LTK - Luer Tip Kit provides an EMO to Luer adapter and a variety of luer lock needles.
  • The Syringe Kit provides syringes in quantity.
  • The Drill Bit Kit provides an assortment of drilling bits and end mills for the Spindle Tool.
  • The Filament Kit provides a variety of filaments to get you started with your printer.